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Lunchables are Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods, Inc. children's meal combinations. In late 2005 they were added to Sensible Solution's line of products and made more healthy. Many Lunchables products are produced at Kraft Foods, Inc.'s Fullerton factory in Fullerton, California and are then distributed across the nation.

In the UK, Lunchables are sold as part of Kraft's Dairylea range.{|summary="Contents" class="toc" id="toc"

A typical Lunchables meal combination includes crackers, small slices of meat, and an equal number of slices of cheese. They come in over 25 varieties. "Deluxe" versions, originally developed for adults, include two types of meats and two types of cheeses. Deluxe versions usually also contain a sauce and a mint. A larger version of Lunchables meal combinations called “Maxed Out” is also available.

Certain varieties contain Capri Sun drinks. There have been many versions, such as Pizza, "Fun Fuel", and "Cracker Stackers".


In 1985, Brian J. Cartwright, a chef at a prominent Detroit based chain restaurant, started serving small portion ham/cheese/cracker combinations for children at area restaurants. This lunch idea was presented to Kraft Foods and became known under the 'Lunchables' brand. Kraft began marketing Lunchables in the U.S. in 1988. They are still available today at those original restaurants.

In 1997, Lunchables came under fire for having high saturated fat and sodium content while being marketed as a healthy children's meal. For example, a single serving of Ham and Swiss Lunchables contains 1,780 milligrams of salt, which is 74 percent of the recommended daily allowance for an adult.

Lunchables have also been considered junk food by those who prefer natural ingredients because Lunchables contain artificial ingredients. For example, the cheese used in Pizza Lunchables is a "pasteurized processed mozzarella cheese product".

Because of the growing concern of childhood obesity, in 2004 Lunchables in the UK eliminated Capri Sun drinks and mini Dime Bars, and replaced them with orange juice and strawberry yogurt. They also removed Reese's cups that came in most Lunchables meal combinations.

In 2005, Lunchables was added as a Sensible Solutions product and cut out many unhealthy food items in their packages. For example, a pepperoni pizza package was at 690 calories, but it is now at 530 calories. So far, this has helped Lunchables products. Many Lunchables products contain Airheads, Kool Aid, and Capri Sun products, while usually they used to contain Reese’s peanut butter cups and Tropical Punch.