Lunchables Wiki

1st Commercial summary:

A boy is about to shoot at basketball, suddenly, his stomach rumbles loudly, after some events, cracks appear in the ground while the boy is holding onto the ball with a fearful expression on his face. Soon, the rumbling stops, but the basket breaks before the boy can shoot. After the ad, he shoots and scores.

2nd summary:

Another boy is sitting at lunch, opens his box, but doesn't have any, then his stomach rumbles, and at home, his mom grabs a lunch, runs outside, sees the wreckage, and jumps onto a mail truck to get to the school. When she enters, she throws it to her son, and the rumbling stops.


1st: When the boy has a fearful expression, you can see banners fall.

2nd: In the second school scene during the earthquake, a hard-to-see clock falls off.

2nd: Right when the first scene shifts to the boy's stomach with the earthquake happens, the girl sitting next to him looks at him (Hard-to-see, though)

Both: When the banners fall, and when the mom enters the school, when both earthquakes happen, you can see the screen shake slighty.

Both: Both boys seem to react scared or otherwise to the earthquake.