Lunchables Brigade

Lunchables added the Lunchables Brigay in 2005. Their first advertisement was one in which a group of teenagers with "U MAD BRO?" t-shirts were bored with their nooses and were saved by the Lunchables Brigay when the Lunchables Brigay came and gave the suicidal kids an actually nutritious meal that won't turn them into a fat disgrace and my god does this sentence go on for way too long I must be stopped. The commercial was targeted at nobody, which is why no one remembers this horrible commercial. Their names are Oscar, Maya and Abel.

220px-Peter Griffin

Hey guys, Peter Griffin here to explain this really subtle and epic joke. As we all know, Lunchables are produced by Oscar Mayer. And notice how when you combine the names of two characters from the commercial, Oscar and Maya, they sound similar to Oscar Mayer? It's a really great piece of comedy that has surprisingly gone mostly unnoticed. But I'm here to change that. Every book on comedy should include the Oscar and Maya joke because it truly is the pinnacle of humor. Move over, Jerry Seinfeld. See you later, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Oscar and Maya are keepin' it real.

The Lunchables Brigay lives in Hell.

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