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|name = Oscar |gender = Male |occupations = Lunchables Brigade Member |age = 13 |height = unknown |nationality = American |hometown = The Treehouse's town |born = unknown |created = Oscar Mayor |goodat = Funmaker |first = First commerical |voice = unknown }}

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Oscar is the leader of the Lunchables Brigade.


Oscar loves sports and video games and wii u. His room has balls and games like football games. when he was just 2 years old Oscars parents died in a fiery car crash even though oscar survived he only suffered minor injuries later on he ended up in the sewers of new york where he grew up where he learned a secret language known only by rats. He can only communicate in various squeaks and chirps, which no human has been able to decipher: not even the scientists that dissected his brain to figure out how it worked. Fun fact: he died from that, by the way